In the musings of absurdity

Drawing my third eye; the poetic existence; the sensitive humane quality; 
the unreasonable fact; the spontaneous scribbles; what u see is what u get.

If I am a fish, you are the ship vessel
We can draw the sea together.

Sometimes i feel singing is like drawing for me; drawing lines in the air.

Sometimes i dont even need to open my eyes to draw; it doesnt matter; 
my hand will be still moving as long as my heart wants to.

Dont be sorry for your mistakes, they are meant to be ugly at the first sight but sweet in the end.

I need to draw with my impulses, like butter spread evenly on a piece of bread.

When night falls, what are you doing?

Many times in a day; one can feels safe.
A time of one’s moment 
Can be a dreadful pain.

An idle truth.

A bubble of thoughts
A bundle of flowers
A blot of ink 
Inside a case of you.

What is death;
People whom you miss is not around anymore.

The more ridiculous it is, the more it makes sense to me.

I always start from a dot and soon it sways as a line.

Sometimes i feel my heart has swallowed my head.

Let’s draw a belief when u lose your faith..